The Wonderful World of Hermes

If there is any site in the world which makes me go all squidgy inside, makes my knees go wonky or makes me squeal like a little girl its the sight of that orange box with that brown ribbon tied around it. But what makes me go absolutely barmy is when Im up to my elbows in their silk scarves, or loading up my wrists with their bracelets – all which are chosen with careful precision.

The newest form of excitement by Hermes is their interactive playground, an attachment of the main website . No longer do I just spend my time browsing their newest surprises, no rather drool over the newest surprises, but now I can whittle away the hours discovering the world of Hermes, and how the orange and brown I love so much has come to be.

There are games to be played, such as a memory game using Hermes playing cards, a puzzle using Hermes notebooks,  and a faced paced activity which tests your reflex skills (and which definitely got my heart rate going) featuring their classic equestrian bag which you use to catch the falling riding gear.

There are 30 H. Stories which provide you with a fun and intriguing look into Hermes’ history. Accompanied by wonderful little drawings drawn by various different artists. The stories explain how the orange box came to be- why the colour orange was used starting in the late 30’s.

There are just so many different avenues one can explore within this interactive world. Want to see different ways to tie your scarf, or have a fun way to share with others? Hermes has an answer for that. A place one can submit a self portrait to demonstrate their respective technique.

A word of caution though: be prepared to set aside a few hours (or days) when partaking in their adventures!

Appréciez !


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