I’m a Blackberry

I love my Blackberry, I love all the Blackberry’s I’ve had. Starting with my beloved 8700 which I still have, because its my favourite of all the Blackberry’s. And apparently, I’m not the only 2o something year old who also enjoys her Blackberry, according to Mike Lazaridis, founder and co-chief executive of RIM, says the phone has developed a cult following in classrooms across the world thanks to its free instant messaging service [1]. The quote taken from an article in the Telegraph today, explains the younger following of what was once a suit wearing, I use a briefcase, and work on wall street gadget.

Blackberry = Love. Blackberry = being bold. Blackberry = going on a journey and loving it. I see the blackberry as being more conducive to a students life, merely because of its lack of applications which cause one to procrastinate and turn ones back to the real world. I walk around campus and notice people, alone or in groups with their i-phones, headphones on, playing games, watching movies, and not engaging in the world around them.

For those who think the Blackberry is going to be shoved aside by the iPad, iPhone etc. Heres an update:

The New York Times Skimmer presented by Blackberry

Amazon.com Kindle for Blackberry

Finally, if you find yourself in between a rock and a hard place. Then get a Blackberry.    “BlackBerrys are the only devices to work during moments of crisis.”

Link to the Telegraph Article.

“I Hate My iPhone”


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