Think About Saks

Saks this season has asked their customers, past future and present, to think about their wardrobe. Think about who wears the pants and why, think about arranging your closet around your shorts as winter will eventually make way for the first signs of spring, think about how to make use of what one has? Their new advertising campaign is a sure sign of the times – giving suggestions for what one has while also, asking what don’t you have that you could buy with us?

This is a different tone from their fall 2009 campaign that was inspired by Russian avant garde Rodchenko propoganda that first appeared in the 1920s. Maybe they thought with the economy/recession that asking people to want it was a bit too…dare I say…obviously desperate for a business.

Now they ask you to “think about” whether you need it, or “want it” or have it. Literally. Not a new concept when it comes to advertising, they just are flat-out asking, no frills or gimmicks. At least they hope that if they get people thinking more and more about what they want, need or have then you’ll be back walking their racks in no time. Asking people to think about bags, clothes, “their alter-ego” is in a sense being more obvious than asking them to “want it”. Regardless,they are not asking you to think about your situation but, your future situation with a new addition to your wardrobe.

Shop On People.


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