I Love Myself…Err I mean, I Love My Scarf/J’Mon Carre

Now I just want to state very clearly that I LOVE HERMES – I worship the ground the Hermes horse trots on. This is not a brand, nor product, but a lifestyle, that in my eyes could do no wrong. However, not even the Gods were perfect. Recently I came across a new endevour that Hermes has embarked upon and I found myself almost tottering dangerous out of my chair. When I came to and readjusted myself I thought fervently that I had landed on yet another “street tottering photography fashion site”. But to my dissapointment I find that I am indeed in Hermes and, what I have in front of me is a travisty.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.51.48

Their new project, “J’mon carre” is a website focusing on a few girls who simply have a bunch of scarves and who know how to look shocked for a polaroid, blow a kiss to the lens, and give a “dont I know that I am smashing” to the Nikon. The scarves and bags are merely a backdrop and real reason behind this project utterly lost down the rabbit hole.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.52.04

Hermes had given in to the now sundry – teetering on annoying “look at me blogs”. Those blogs where people take endless pictures of themselves in clothes and post them on the internet. Not that I dont mind seeing what is really out there and not just in the magazines when it comes to fashion –its the endless want of “look at me” that I find tiresome.
Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.52.20

The reason I appreciate Hermes is because amoungst all the glitz and glamour they  remain un-flashly and sophisticated. They allow their customers, admirers, collectors to feel special and unique and that each of their products is as well.  Within this project (or whatever you can call this ) their products say nothing — rather they are being smothered and left to be part of a cheap shot.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.52.49

I Love My Scarf/J’mon Carre: http://www.jaimemoncarre.com

Let me know do you love it? Or hate it? Is it worth the trouble?


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