Why Churchill Would Have Gone Blackberry

Blackberry has unveiled its Playbook – (as in come on apple lets play ball). Its got Flash, its got the ability to do two things at once, basically everything that Apple forgot while they hastily tried to one up everyone; rather than thinking about what the consumer would need (im not going to say Flash one more time). And you can even say “cheese” with it.

The New Playbook
Review 1 Review 2

Some Personal Favourite Quotes By Sir Winston Churchill

oh heres another one but not from Churchill, but same idea:

“The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.”

-Henrik Ibsen


One thought on “Why Churchill Would Have Gone Blackberry

  1. Just bought it, initially was going to return it after I had some technical issues. (Powering up). That was resolved and now after using it and getting aquainted all I can say is the Playbook is a seriously powerfull hardware and operating system. If you own a BB that can tether, again, very impressive. All in all, and I did have my initial doubts, this is a winner!!

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