Films Français Remakes: Part Une “The Good”

Since the 1970’s French cinema classics have been taken by Hollywood to be used as either shark bait for the masses or, a healthy helping of great cinema. Because I use quite a bit of sharp criticism regarding the films that have been chopped up into chum I shall begin with the “Films Français” that believe are a must to watch!


La Cage Aux Folles (1978) —> The Bird Cage (Robin Williams, Nathan Lane (need I say any more.)  Well I will just a bit, as much as I enjoyed the original especially since Ennio Morricone composed the score, the remake was  just an outstanding piece of work brough about by the acting of both Williams and Lane. The two had me in stitches, crying my eyes out and all out hysteria. A classic both on the American and French side. (Though I am a touch biased as I just adore Williams as an actor)
A Rawthar Bien Montage
Trois Hommes et un Couffin (1986)  —> Three Men and a Baby (1990) (and a Little Lady) – the latter by far being my favourite of all the remake movies and top on my films list in general. Just who can forget that “rubber ducky scene” at the party and their rap lulllaby! Americans: dont be fooled by the french spelling for cradle the original is well done. However, for the second time I’m going to have to side with the remake (and its sequel – Three Men and a Little Lady!) But how so bloody french to carry the baby not in a picnic basket but in a chic typically french shopping bag in Louboutin’s.
Three Men and a Baby “The Bedtime Rap”
Trois Hommes et un Couffin Trailer
Mon Père, Ce Héros (1991) —> My Father the Hero (1994)- Essentially a double bill of the original with Gerad front and centre of it all. Its hard to remake a film in the wrong direction when you have the leading man that is as larger than life in both.  Rein de neuf. (Although I feel I will be eating those words in my next post)
La Femme Infidele ( —> Unfaithful (2004) – rather well done remake with Diane Lane, Richard Gere (finally got it right after 2 strikes) but then my judgement was probably clouded with te presence of french actor, Oliver Martinez……
La Jetée (—> Twelve Monkeys (1996) Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis…Brad Pitt did I mention? Albeit a bit bonkers but over all a solid piece of cinema.


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