CAT – To Catch a Thief

I’m not sure if Hitchcock had Cary Grant’s “The CAT” share the same monogram as Catch A Thief but, if so how very Hitchcock of him. The film (one of my top 5) was based on David Dodge’s, To Catch a Thief (yes, there being a book came as a surprise to me too). The book like its subject matter comes at a price: as I did some of my own sleuthing, I discovered that one 1st Edition copy is on the market for $2750.00.  For that price I expect the necklace on the front cover to be more than just an illustration. Most are usually in the triple-quadruple digits so I thinkI’ll stick to watching Cary G and Grace K for now. Well at least until I can climb drain pipes and pull Artful Dodgers – this coming from someone who barely can get away with a white lie.

For those of you interested in shelling out the equivelent of  a minor shopping outing at Hermes here are some helpful WWW’s:
Royal Books

Fantastic Fiction


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