Rawthar Smashing Telly: Why Luther Is The Best Thing Out There

For those without access to the BBC, you have been without the access to Luther. BBC America has it on the schedule to air  tonight and let me tell you, for those who haven’t had the glorious chance of already watching it – – you are in for a delectable treat.

Think of some of the greatest of British drama and intrigue: Othello, Wire in the Blood, Morse, (you get the picture) combined with cable genius series Dexter, plus any other psychological thriller and viola: Luther.

Luther (played by, Idris Elba ) is a copper who doesn’t exactly fit the bill for being easy-going and one you can stay off your heels for long with. He is separated from his wife, he tends to brood quite close to the end of buildings and has a rather interesting relationship with one of his suspects. I’m being vague for your sake. You spend half your time wanting to shake and yell into the TV to provide Luther with an alibi for the events of hours past. The acting is what makes the story line so utterly amazing. Idris Elba combined with the talented Ruth Wilson (who is superbly devious) that suspect –  I spoke of earlier- are together as thick as thieves.

Right well I should stop, for fear that I start gushing anymore than I have already — for to really and truly experience Luther you should not look for spoilers and even try avoiding any morsels that BBC America should throw your way to keep you from going utterly nutty until the next episode.

Trust me it will be so worth it. In fact I’m jealous of the journey you are about to partake in. Guess I’ll have to just crack open that Luther DVD case.

Let the games begin.

Luther airs on BBC  America, 10pm EST/PST


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