How French Chic Has Turned French Hip

In Response to a article that stated that French fashion has been chic but now, has turned hip:

The way I see fashion in France, or mainly Paris is:  Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent (take your pick) and Keith Richards, The Clash (again take your pick) merged.  But I don’t see this as something new, or just French – it’s all over Europe, England included . The Times separated fashion into old and new guard however, I see that this situation is more of  a combination of the two. It’s that ability to keep the old and bring in some new and make it all work that set the French apart from the rest of the maddening crowd. Its not forgetting the past just because something hip and flash comes along that will always keep French fashion high above the rest.

“The Old Guarde”

Round-toe Bruno Magli pumps
Cream silk shirt from agnès b
High-waisted pencil skirt
Trench coat from Gerard Darel
Tapered ankle-length trousers
Navy blazer
Velvet Alice hair band
Hermes knotted silk scarf
Hervé Chapelier or Longchamps foldable bag

“New Guard”

Isabel Marant suede bow stilletos
Striped shirt from Céline or Comptoir des Cotonniers
Low-slung pleated skirt
Trench coat from Burberry/ Martin Margiela
Cropped three-quarter-length jeans from Gap 1969
Tweed blazer
Feather hair accessory
Chanel cuff
Draped animal-print scarf
Chanel 2.55, Goyard tote or satchel from les Puces

“Old Guarde” Faces
Audrey Hepburn Catherine Denuve

“New Guarde” Faces

Garance Dore

Note: the ankle length trousers of the so-called Old Guarde mixed with a hipper chic.

Clemence Poesy

Marion Cottilard

Lou Dillon

More for your fancy:


Zadig & Voltaire (Mens)                                       Zadig & Voltaire (womens)

Zadig & Voltaire (womens)                                  Maje (Autumn 2010)

BOUTIQUE: Zadig & Voltaire, Maje, Vanessa Bruno, Ba&sh, Coletac,


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