Films Français Remakes: Part Trois “What Has Yet to Come”

Here are the list of Films Français Remakes that have yet to hit the theatres.  What do you think? I will say this Hollywood seems to be remaking French films at quite a speed. Hmmm….

Original: Anthony Zimmer

Remake: The Tourist

Verdict: comme ci comme ca. I guess when Angelina Jolie is the only big star in Hollywood to play these sort of roles then it just becomes another Tomb Raider – Salt big budget let down.

Original: Pour Elle (2008)

Remake: Next Three Days


List of Possible Ideas for More Remakes:
(But one must take into account the attention span, and how little the masses wish to exert brain power wise during a film)
36 (2004)
Les Rivieres Pourpres (2000)

Les Rivieres Pourpres 2 (2007)

Diamant 13 (2009)

MR 73 (2008)

Mesrine (2008)

Le Professional (1981)

(or all Belmondo’s gun blazing films)
My Best Friend (2008)

Fauteuils d’orchestre/Avenue Montaigne (2006)

If you want the short list: any thriller starring Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Jean-Paul BelmondoGérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Roschdy Zem, Sophie Marceau, Cecile De France
or directed by Olivier MarchaJean-François Richet (more to come)


You can see Les Rivers Pourpres here on IMDB
Buy/Rent the films listed on Amazon

For additional readin material on the subject:



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