Appalling Advertising

The line that separated porn and advertising was there. Now suddenly it seems to have been gobbled up but by whom (porn or advertising) I cannot be sure. Lately, there has been an escalation in the number of adverts (billboards, magazines, telly) that feature unessary images of girls caught in an act which would lead anyone to say that she “was asking for it”.
Now I am not a feminist, Amish, hater of all things pop-culture, nor someone who believes that desexualizing the future is the answer to ridding our society of the trauma one endures after seeing a Lady Gaga or Rihannas stripper like escapades on the telly nor will it erase the word(s) slut, skant, slag etc. As a student of advertising I am constantly wondering about the powerful hold that branding/marketing has over the human race. But for the life of me I dont see how the following are helping us progress (esp. women) at all.

Missoni 2011 Spring Campaign

This could hardly not be expected from a company whose CEO is being charged with how many counts of rape? American Apparel.

Growing up a little too fast…..Spring Campaign from Australian label Witchery

No words on how unnessary Disels ads are. And Im all for having a laugh.

If you want to put someone nude for shock, I think all fashion houses should require their designers/CEO’s etc. to go naked. Why should they miss out on the fun?


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