Defence against the Twit Face Phone

Lately (to put it nicely) I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the production rate of the smart phone. To the point where even my love for blackberry is starting to feel like a pressure cooker about to blow its top. And with company’s churning out more products they are taking less time to actually finish them – one day I fear that our electronics are going to come in a box looking like this: (pardon the rough photoshop job)

With the manuals explaining to us how to literally set up our piece of equipment. With the commotion around the iphone 4 antenna defect, the Blackberry Playbook issue, why are people still rubbing their hands dreaming of the next model when the one that they waited for and bought just recently was defected? Its not as if companies are offering up new replacements or upgrades for when they finally get it right.

It feels all a bit scrambled, whose putting what model out with what features and not really considering how it goes against the laws of consumerism and marketing. Unless you are a world-class juggler when was it ever smart to throw more at the consumer than they could catch at one time? I feel as if I’m being pelted by a tennis ball machine filled with smart phones.

Enough with the semi-tweaked models catering to the, twit space faces – I might just go back to my Motorola timport as it does what it was built for: TO MAKE PHONE CALLS.




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