London Olympic 2012 Update: The Posters….

The unveiling of the 2012 Olympic Posters has left me a bit baffled. I want to see the goodness and the hard-work that went into these productions, but they don’t grip me as what the Olympics games are about. Im not even sure at this point in time, if any of us know what this means besides those training tirelessly to make their country, their team, and their families proud. Our climate right now as a country is one fraught with bewilderment, chaos, perhaps it would be best to put these aside and take stock of not just who we are, but where we belong in this great nation. The lines that run rampant throughout the posters shows that there is more to be said but how and when, is open for what the future will bring.  We are a distracted nation, not knowing if we are going forward or being thrown-back, but never should we capitulate to accept the pressure from above and that our talents whether they be artistic or athletic should be bullied by politics or anything short of what they are truly meant to represent. The voice of the people, coming together not as a revolution or riot but to cheer on the country that seems to be taking a great beating that it deserves.


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