Hello New Year (2012): The E’s – Exciting Entertainment!

Take in some Entertainment This Holiday Season

I Spy With My Little Eye
Something beginning with E!

(and some Espionage)

Treat yourself and your mates to a night out at the Cinema

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Another Earth


[Just some friendly advice: I’d skip the option to see Tom Cruise shimmy up the Burj Khalifa, or Robert Downey Jr. ponce about London as Iron Man in drag.]

Would Rather Snuggle Up at Home?

Drama at Downton Abbey

Watch Behind the Scenes Here
Remeber: December 25th:  Downton Abbey Xmas Special!
  Below a brilliant BBC gag on D-Abbey for Red Nose Day.
(Note ITV produces Downton Abbey)
Bang on the Nose in my books!


Relive Christmas at the Vicarage in Dibley.
Who can resist the 2004 Christmas Special?

Look Forward To



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