Why Britain is Ruling the Globe in 2012

Year 2012 Will Be As If The Empire Never Ended

Lillibet’s Diamond Jubilee Year!

More Information Here

Bonds Back

Sources tell of the possible return of the Aston Martin DB5!!!
 Out November 9th 2012

Land Rover Defender
First known as the Land Rover Ninety/One Ten
The classic which can be seen as Britains Heathcliff of motor cars to the (Aston M’s) Bond
Freelander for the Future
Because You’re Free, To Do What You Want To Do



Starring: Clemence Poesy

Eddie Redmayne
Watch First Episode Here
and Second Episode Here


Welcome  Girls and Boys
2012 BC Has Arrived
(BC = Benedict Cumberbutch)
A Scandal in Belgravia
Episode 1

The Hound of Baskerville
Episode 2

The Reinbach Fall

(Downstairs Abbey won how many Golden Globes AGAIN.)


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