For The Library: Young Entry

A delicious, light hearted read that allows you to enter the Irish world of hunting, heiresses, best friends and the men who come between them.

“Nineteen year old Prudence is being raised by her three very conservative guardians.  Something of an heiress she’ll soon come into her money, but she’s kept in check until then.  Or at least her guardians try to keep her in check.  Prudence is a far more carefree spirit and spends time with her best girl friend, Peter, having little adventures and just being young and lively and generally getting into little mishaps.  Trouble pops up in the form of one Major Anthony Countless from England, who becomes the new Master of Hounds.  While Prudence is very lovely and social, she’s the type of woman who isn’t aware of her beauty or its effect on young men.  Moreover she’s more interested in her dogs and horses than in said young men.  Peter, however, welcomes Tony’s overtures, so you can imagine where all this will lead and how it might come between the two friends.”[A Work in Progress]

A sporting read which you can find at Amazon for a insanely low sum!


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