The March Madness Monarch

In America, March Madness refers to the time when the unversity basketball season FINALLY comes to a close. This year, Britain has its very own March Madness and its all down to its Monarchy, namely one young red hair currently touring the Commenwealth. Countries once were referred to by that other C word (colonies) are having their shores invaded by Prince Harry who seems to have taken on the duty with gusto. Putting aside their political purports to unyoke themselves from British influence (Jamacia, Australia) on a whole, it appears that Prince Harry is just what the doctor ordererd. Gone are the long faces of Prince Andrew and Edward, and with William serving his country in the Falklands, Queen Elizabeth couldn’t let Kate have all the fun. And fun is exactly what Harry is both having and giving. And while people might groan and bellyache that what he is doing isn’t serious work and that, newspapers should be directing their attentions to the more unfortunate events of the world, I disagree. Although it is light-hearted and perhaps superficial, Harry doesn’t pretend to put on the airs and graces, and, like all of us he fumbles along from time to time. While the rest of his army mates are with their families and friends preparing for their next tour, Harry is preparing for his 2nd tour serving his country in solitary, embarking on foreign tours and official functions. He is the human eviliant of the energizer bunny, like his late mother, his brother and grandparents. We all need a good laugh and a break from the austerity whether it be at home, the office or in our news.
Crack On Harry, and by the by, smashing shoes!


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