Ballet on the Brain: Part 1 – The Shoes

Ballet and I have always had a tempestuous relationship. I began taking ballet classes simultaneously while learning to ride/walk (you could say ballet hadn’t a hope once I met my first horse) and lasted until the age of 12, when at that point I was digging my heals in so deep I was making tracks on the pavement. Now grown-up, I’ve replaced those old feelings of execration and foreboding, with a nostalgic esteem for my years at the Vacani School of Ballet.

From that first lesson I have loved ballet shoes; only not when not having to do pliers and arabesques in them. You needn’t say it, I am rather fickle.


Freed Split Sole


Freed Split Sole


French Sole

India – Leopard Print

Who doesn’t love a few (dozen) pairs ballet shoes? They are what I call a U.F.I – a Utopian Fashion Item perfect for any occasion, and whose fashion status will out live its owner. Unlike other UFI for many of whom you would have to sell your soul, granny, house, to obtain (the Birkin) – ballet shoes can be purchased with a mere swipe of the card.

More Ballet Styles:




They have the magical ability to salvage any outfit, closet, or fashion house; transferring any of the former from a “pumpkin” into a golden stage coach.
For example, J-Crew. Once bent on producing the same noxious threads year-after-year while, fidgeting destructively about with fashion classics in an attempt to Crewsify them (another term I made up for whatever item J-Crew remade), is mending its ways with its ‘Ballet Boutique‘ featuring Cece Ballet Shoes. A round of applause for whomever got that off the ground.


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