Best of Britain: A-Z(ed) – B & C

Derived from the Latin and Greek Prettanike or Brettania

All The Places To Put Britannia on the Map
Union Jack 1/2 Pint Mug

Rule Britannia


Bond, James Bond

Bond is Back after a 5 year intermission (I personally don’t acknowledge Quantum of Shit..pardon I mean, Solace as being a Bond film for multiple reasons I wont divulge into.
SkyFall out in October/November (depending your location) looks like a mixed bag.

And according to Bond it is, “Done”
So no going back now

Extra SkyFall Media

The Bad
M possibly is terminated. There said it.
From the promotional shots, which could all be a ruse, it comes across that a great deal of this Bond is to be set in doors or in constant shade.  Lurking behind corners, brings back memories of MI-II. Why all the inside secrecy, its James Bond for Flemmings sake!!! The Bond who jumps off mountain tops, drives and swims oceans enters a volcano, goes into outer-space and takes on dragon robots (all outside).

Ralph Fiennes portraying,…. wait for it….., one of the possible Villians. You almost wish he’d cross over to the light after playing Lord Voldemort for a decade or so. Javier Bardem is also joining in on the villainous side.

They’ve also forgotten that Bond is half Scottish and half Swiss…..not to be picky but had to be noted.

The Hopeful
What we need is a Bond, relaxed who appears to be deceptively off his guard, while ending up on top. Having fun with the job. We need Q back, so he can utter those infamous words, “grow up 007”

Celebrating Bonds 50th with


Cara Delevingne

Britain’s Current “It” Girl


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