Happy 2013 to We Happy Few!

Ringing in 2013


Resolutionary Thought

No drinking, smoking, go on diet, loose 2st, detox etc. The usual resolutions, are like the year before – old business. They are not to be kept. The New Year is the Battle of Agincourt. Resolutions are not routine, nor are they practice. They are sanguine thoughts that let us ring in the new year with determination and forbearance. Rather than making resolutions like the French did most likely singing, I Dream a Dream, attempt the British modus operandi. Attempt your resolutions so that they carry the same magic that Shakespeare’s Henry V possessed when he belted out “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”

To make a resolution, one needs to find a companion, a friend, a mate to remember what feats [they] did that [year], and to use as motivation.
Bind together, help each other out and think about those who are lying now-a-bed, pulling the covers over their head to silence the sound of the alarm and hide from the persisting glare of their new trainers awaiting their January 1st run. Let he who have no stomach for this feast, let him depart. Perhaps in France there are castle on clouds, but here in Great Britain we keep our foundations firmly on the ground.

Here ‘s to 2013!


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