To The Manor Born


Created by Peter Spence
Penelope Keith as Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and Peter Bowles as Richard DeVere.

After her husband dies, aristocrat Audrey (sic) fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell her families estate, Grantleigh, her family’s residence for the past 400 years, to a nouveau-riche grocer, Richard Devere. Moving merely down the drive, so as to keep a close eye on her estate, Audrey has to readjust to simpler life and smaller abode. Whilst steadfastly maintaining Noblsee Obligue, retaining her butler and her Rolls Royce, Audrey muddles her way through learning to pay bills, grocery shop and finding a vocation. She apprehends the role as DeVere’s instructor on how to assimilate being Lord of the manor and all the responsibilities that comes with the estate.


Fun Fact:
The title is a deliberate pun on the phrase “to the manner born,” from Shakespeare‘s Hamlet  – “Though I am a native here and to the manner born, it is a custom more honoured in the breach than the observance.”


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