The UK Channeling the Danes/Swedes For More Thrills


Produced by Danmarks Radio (DR) and Sveriges Television (SVT)

Series 1 aired 2011
(You should have seen it last year, if not do so ASAP)

Series 2 set to air late 2013
(absolutely bursting with anticipation)

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 13.22.47

Sky Atlantic and Canal + will be airing The Tunnel. Produced by Kudos and Shine France
Plot: British and French police joining forces to solve the death of a French politician in
(you guessed it ) the Chunnel.

The Tunnel could prove to be an interesting take on the original; in Bron the body was cut on the Øresund Bridge, and the Øresund region is a transnational region that essentially connects the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo.  Whereas, the Straight of Dover, (or at least the Chunnel) where exactly does British or French jurisdiction begin and end within the 50.5km stretch? And then there’s the Schengen Area that Britain is not part of.  And as its a French politician where do the British come in to play?
So there is much to be discovered and to look forward to with this forthcoming series, to say the least see how the stars of the show connect.

Clemence Poesy will star as Elise Wasserman for the French side


Stephen Dillane will play DC Karl Robuck

Additional remakes of Bron/Broen/The Bridge are:  FX with Diana Kruger. Concerning the Mexican and US border.
Not sure that will take off as hoped.

Now just think, if Russia decides to pick up the story line as well, they have 14 countries to choose from, including China.
What better country to handle a crime committed in order to reveal moralities insolvency.  That show could go over forever.

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One thought on “The UK Channeling the Danes/Swedes For More Thrills

  1. *You are such a brilliant writer!!!!! You are so good with words! Love reading anything you write. You should have your own column somewhere. And LOVED that tea saying. Clever to think of posting that.*

    *”YOUR THE BEST” (Carly Simon)*

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