No Nostalgia Allowed BBC, You’re Public Property.

Have we truly become a vexatious society that when the BBC, which has served not just the British Isles but around the world, wants to take 1 hour to say goodbye to the home its lived at since 1964, we all take up arms in annoyance that they dare waste precious airtime?


Yes, the BBC hasn’t quite been quite the innocent party; what with the salacious Johnny Saville scandal (which included the sacking of Frank Bough, formerly news of the world deputy editor), the suicide of Dr. David Kelly after being named a BBC source for “sexing up” government files on weapons of mass destruction, security correspondent Frank Garders inability to report accurately what the Queen said, Jeremy Clarkson (not enough space to cover all his verbal carnage), and BBC director generals resigning all over the place.  To sum up: men behaving badly.

This isn’t an excuse for the BBC’s mishaps but, a play at devils advocate. The present at times makes us forget what the past produced (no pun intended) whether it was drama, comedy, knowledge, news. The BBC has given us, the public, entertainment. How would we react if Pinewood had to pack up and leave? Most of us have never been to Pinewood, nor hold any attachment to the place except through the films that it has made, but I am sure none of us would mind a 1 hour documentary about the studio and it’s history.

The BBC isn’t closing up shop; its on the move but leaving a place that’s been it’s home for almost 40 years creates nostaligia. Actors, directors, producers, writers and all those employed past and present all share in the twinge of sadness and uncertainty of what happens next, and where will it happen?

If they were the ones who gave us the Kardashians, and all the reality rubbish out there, I’d be all for letting them have it. But they have spared us. So, let us retract our claws and sheath our vocal firearms, and allow the BBC to look back at it’s last 40 years.

Here are some of my BBC favourites

Pride and Prejudice

Are You Being Served?

Men Behaving Badly,


To the Manor Born

Tinker Tailor

David Attenborough



Sherlock (new and old)

Forsyte Saga

Documentary’s (too many to name them all)


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