For the Diary: Grace Kelly Coming Back to Her Roots

From Philadelphia to Monaco
An exclusive Grace Kelly exhibition is to open at the Michener Art Gallery in Doylestown, PA

The exhibition is set to encapsulate the woman who went from being a member of Philadelphia’s high society, to an Oscar winning actress and finally a Princess.

Grace Kelly

The exhibition which opens October 28th is set to “… bring [you] up close to the stage and screen legend, fashion icon, princess, United Nations advocate for children, and international spokesperson for arts and culture.” One will be able to see “letters, photographs, awards, couture fashion and other personal artifacts, as well as film clips, playbills, home movies and souvenirs from her acting career.”

The exhibition is based on the display at The Victoria and Albert Museum which ended earlier this year.

The exhibition at the Michener Museum opens October 28th and ends January 26th, 2014

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Hello New Year (2012): The G’s- Gear Up for the New Year

The Olympics
Yes, its all a bit naff but, then again, all for Queen and Country…

For those who take the more subtle approcah to cheering for ones side

Folding Sit Mat

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June 25th

July 10th

July 6th

March 1st

For The Library: Cecil Beaton

Born in 1904 and living until 1980, Beaton was a famous British photographer, artist, writer, stage and screen designer, and high-society figure who epitomized style and didn’t avoid naming it when he saw it or screaming when he didn’t.

The first volume of his published diaries, The Unexpurgated Beaton [BKL O 15 03], covered the last two decades of his life.

Beaton in the Sixities, gives one a chance to see what he had to say about the people occupying his life in the last half of the swinging sixties. Gossip is flung, but, as in the first volume, that’s the fun of it. Beaton was humorous (in conversation with Chanel, “She did not really show much sign of judging whether I was present or not”), and he was also incisive about character (on Garbo, “One sees that those endless days and evenings doing nothing have resulted in negation”). Juiciness aside, the volumes will come to be considered an important social document of British life in the twentieth century.

In the course of his decades-long career as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as a British war correspondent, Beaton helped invent the cult of the celebrity image. In these pages, reproduced here for the first time, you enter a fabulous and surreal party where Tallulah Bankhead rubs shoulders with a bust of Voltaire and a portrait of Stravinsky, and where Beaton’s first trip on the Queen Mary coincides with Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

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Go around the Herimitage, National Gallery and Versailles all in one afternoon!

If you dont live nearby or work keeps you from being able to take your lunch break as an excuse to mosey around the Tate, MoMA or the Tretyakov, Google has arrived at a temporary solution: Art Project.
The project allows people around the world to visit museums and galleries merely at the cost of quick trip around the mouse pad (or track). Museums one can browse through:

The National Gallery
The State Hermitage Museum
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Tate Gallery
Palace at Versailles
Museo Reina Sofia
Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian
Alte Nationalgalerie

It is even possible to zoom into various works of art at a considerable distance, so you needn’t worry about setting off any alarms or run the risk of being carted off to a Russian prison because you wandered a little too close to a piece of work.
Well im off, going to get lost in the Met. for a few minutes or so!
The State Tretyakov Gallery
National Gallery