Best of Britain A-Z(ed): A


There’s more to the ‘Queen of Mystery’ than her little Belgium detective and spinster sleuth.

Add her other works such as Towards Zero, And Then There Were None and They Came to Baghdad to your library ASAP!

More Agatha Christie: Here

Alexander McQueen
(coming soon)

Anya Hindmarch
Also known as being ‘Not A Plastic Bag’, (just joking) – but, we all remember 2007 as the year we walked around with our shopping causing all those plastic users to go underground and shrink into the shadows. Opening her bags in 1991, AH now has a brimming collection for every occasion: a night on the town, a night in with the girls, a night with the baby, in town or out in the country, or out of the country – there is a bag. A.H. has also launched a Bespoke line that one can safely say has the potential (if hasn’t already started to) to ruffle a few pages over at Smythson!
*And on a marketing note, I quite enjoyed the ‘I Spy’/Jubilee theme for her Spring/Summer campaign!

This season ‘The Bruton’appears to be the ‘must have’ but, I’d stay away from white this coming summer (esp. if you are attending our forthcoming Games – you’re sure to end up with a brown or black bag come autumn. The Nevis
The Mini Gracie
The Two-Way Journal (love the silver pen!)

Bling, that comes in all shapes and sizes you most definitely want to get your hands on. Always can be relied on and always classy (even in those not to classy situations)

Not the first stop for items not of the outdoor variety i.e. the mackintosh however, they are gradually beginning to show a bit more leg, and leave the Baby Boomer kit to oneside. Worth consideration, but proceed with caution.
A nice outfit but loose the bag and the shoes.

Perhaps they should chose a model that
can at least pretend she feels comfortable
in front of the camera.


Appalling Advertising

The line that separated porn and advertising was there. Now suddenly it seems to have been gobbled up but by whom (porn or advertising) I cannot be sure. Lately, there has been an escalation in the number of adverts (billboards, magazines, telly) that feature unessary images of girls caught in an act which would lead anyone to say that she “was asking for it”.
Now I am not a feminist, Amish, hater of all things pop-culture, nor someone who believes that desexualizing the future is the answer to ridding our society of the trauma one endures after seeing a Lady Gaga or Rihannas stripper like escapades on the telly nor will it erase the word(s) slut, skant, slag etc. As a student of advertising I am constantly wondering about the powerful hold that branding/marketing has over the human race. But for the life of me I dont see how the following are helping us progress (esp. women) at all.

Missoni 2011 Spring Campaign

This could hardly not be expected from a company whose CEO is being charged with how many counts of rape? American Apparel.

Growing up a little too fast…..Spring Campaign from Australian label Witchery

No words on how unnessary Disels ads are. And Im all for having a laugh.

If you want to put someone nude for shock, I think all fashion houses should require their designers/CEO’s etc. to go naked. Why should they miss out on the fun?

Adverts – Its Good to Laugh

Here are some adverts that well are just bloody brilliant and wicked!

My Absolute Favourite Advert:

Like Mary Poppins – Perfectly Perfect In Every Way and in under 40 seconds.
Adverts That Will Make You Laugh, So Don’t Put Anything Near Your Mouth, and Don’t Watch If You Are Supposed To Be Hard At Work Looking Like You Are Hard At Work. You Know What  I Mean.  Yes You.

And some make you really think about life:

Some Rawther Wicked Adverts!

Here are some Stella Artois print adverts from over the summer, with film being their main inspiration.

Can you spot all the films?

And what about this one?

And in the October/Halloween spirit I’ve done a couple
film-oriented Stella Artois print adverts myself. (Half-term exam revision procrastination in other words)