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Dedicated to “‘characters and narratives that are original, exciting and entertaining. We work with writers, storytellers and filmmakers who inspire us – and who, like us, want to challenge, stimulate and innovate. We want to entertain, but also provoke and inspire

Developing films with Film 4, this film factory, maybe small, is creating cinema which has been profoundly absent and what the art of film has been deprived of.

Any film production company that has a working relationship with John le Carré gets my whole and divided attention.


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Director – Anton Corbijn
Screenplay – Andrew Bovell
Based on the novel by John le Carré
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright
Developed with Film4
International sales – FilmNation Entertainment
-Currently In Production-

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Director – Justin Kurzel
Screenplay – Hossein Amini
Based on the novel by John le Carré
Ralph Fiennes, Ewan McGregor, Mads Mikkelsen
Co-production with Potboiler Productions
Developed with Film4
-Release Date 2014-

Behind “Our Kind of Traitor”

The Ink Factory is located in London and Los Angeles.


For the Diary: Grace Kelly Coming Back to Her Roots

From Philadelphia to Monaco
An exclusive Grace Kelly exhibition is to open at the Michener Art Gallery in Doylestown, PA

The exhibition is set to encapsulate the woman who went from being a member of Philadelphia’s high society, to an Oscar winning actress and finally a Princess.

Grace Kelly

The exhibition which opens October 28th is set to “… bring [you] up close to the stage and screen legend, fashion icon, princess, United Nations advocate for children, and international spokesperson for arts and culture.” One will be able to see “letters, photographs, awards, couture fashion and other personal artifacts, as well as film clips, playbills, home movies and souvenirs from her acting career.”

The exhibition is based on the display at The Victoria and Albert Museum which ended earlier this year.

The exhibition at the Michener Museum opens October 28th and ends January 26th, 2014

More information here

As Time Zooms By: Aston Martin

1915-aston-martin-coal-scuttle_100389581_mIts been 100 years since Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford came together to create one of the worlds most iconic automobile. The name Aston Martin came later with the joining of Mr. Martin’s name with the Aston Clinton Hillclimb where Bamford had many a victory. While the Aston Martin we know today isn’t a “10 cent” vehicle, it is interesting that the Aston Clinton Hill Climb was essentially drag racing up hill – think Fast and the Furious located amidst the refined Buckinghamshire countryside.


Racing up hill seemed to act as a metaphor for the vehicle as, Martin and Bamford’s “special” car took the high road, and drove its way into our books, screens and into the record books, as James Bond’s other half for half a century.

The Aston Martin DB5 is akin to the brilliant grey steed, Silver, was to the Lone Ranger: his trusted companion. Both modes of transport were quite similar in a manner of speaking: an ejector seat and were apparently bullet proof,  and most importantly they kept their driver safe to fight another day.

aston-martin-db5-1963-james-bond-car1Although the DB5 has not been the sole mode of transport for Bond, there has been the Vantage, Vanquish and the DBS V12, the latter of which seemed to take a great beating in both Casino Royale and Quantom of Solace, non is as iconic as the 1963 DB5 (which has appeared in 7 Bond films spanning from 1964-2013).

I will admit that while watching  SkyFall in the cinema I made a rather loud uncharacteristic yelp followed by an expletive, when the DB5 was blown up.  Thankfully I was in Los Angeles and such external outbursts are common during a film.


The Aston Martin’s Bond association isn’t the only fetching attraction; what’s under its bonnet is just as captivating.

I drove my first Aston Martin a year ago , and will gladly admit that my love of Bond (spanning now two decades) more than shifted my desire to grab onto one of their leather steering wheels. It was however, not the sole reason of choosing it over the other cars at my disposal: an Audi R8, Maclaren , Bugotti , Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari, Porshe 911 (you get the picture).  The experience was amazing, and the feeling while going 130km around a race track in a DBS V12 shall remain with me forever.

Part of me has wanted to drive this car because its part of my my heritage and that of the Aston Martin. It isn’t the fastest car our there, Jeremy Clarkson’s wet dream, nor Its not the top luxury or  an exclusive  vehicle unlike the Koenigsegg, and Spada’s of today. But its British and that’s what I am most proud of.

Here’s to a zippy 100 years, Aston Martin, and looking forward to what future you have to offer us.

Did You Know?

The original DB Mark III that appeared in Ian Flemming’s Goldfinger, later to be replaced by the notorious DB5 in Broccolli’s 1964 the film adaptationimages

Aston Martin Through the Ages

Bring on the Bling

Films are created by people, for people. However, lately, (mainly in Hollywood – excluding Argo and a few other productions) another entity has taken over: money. Mr. Franklin has been partaking in some extreme multitasking: directing, writing, producing and, making a bit of a mess of things (along with 3D, but I’ll leave that for another day).
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Within the cinematic world to create a film various variables must come together: a story, patience, connections – family or otherwise, creativity, and most importantly, talent. Money of course plays a significant part but, its the story and how its told, that truly creates cinema.

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 Sophia Coppola. She is lucky enough to have all the above but, rather than squander she has with substantial deftness, harnessed all together. Proof being, Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, and feasibly with her latest creation, The Bling Ring. Only two people could have made this story, (which is a bit trite), into a piece of cinema possibly worth seeing: the late Tony Scott, and Sophia Coppola. With Sophia you get a visceral feast, accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack, and actors who seem to just melt into their characters. It almost makes you want to join in on the fun.

With money, opulence, greed as the vital characters in this film, it will be interesting to see what Ms. Coppola has created.

Only can the final verdict be made when it hits the theatres June 14th.
Till then,view the trailer, and decide for yourself.

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Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 18.22.54 Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 18.22.34 Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 18.23.30

And on a side note – who else could take Emma Watson and whisk her away from being rendered “Immobulus” as Hermione Granger? It will be interesting to see what Emma Watson does with what Ms. Coppola has given her.

Absolutely Fabulous Splashes onto the Big Screen

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How Fabulous Darling, its Absolutely Official:
Edina and Patsy are back, and BIGGER THAN EVER!
(which is huge considering Patsy’s non-existent eating habit)

Oh how I have missed Pats viciously sharp tongue that slices like a drunk Samuri,  Edina’s prodigious penchant for Lacroix clothing (that I am positive can induce seizures). And last but not least, proving just how paramount PR is to the survival of the human race.

I can’t wait for their wheels to start burning up again,
go rolling down the road,
and explode onto the big screen

Cheers, Sweetie

Happy 2013 to We Happy Few!

Ringing in 2013


Resolutionary Thought

No drinking, smoking, go on diet, loose 2st, detox etc. The usual resolutions, are like the year before – old business. They are not to be kept. The New Year is the Battle of Agincourt. Resolutions are not routine, nor are they practice. They are sanguine thoughts that let us ring in the new year with determination and forbearance. Rather than making resolutions like the French did most likely singing, I Dream a Dream, attempt the British modus operandi. Attempt your resolutions so that they carry the same magic that Shakespeare’s Henry V possessed when he belted out “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”

To make a resolution, one needs to find a companion, a friend, a mate to remember what feats [they] did that [year], and to use as motivation.
Bind together, help each other out and think about those who are lying now-a-bed, pulling the covers over their head to silence the sound of the alarm and hide from the persisting glare of their new trainers awaiting their January 1st run. Let he who have no stomach for this feast, let him depart. Perhaps in France there are castle on clouds, but here in Great Britain we keep our foundations firmly on the ground.

Here ‘s to 2013!

Best of Britain: A-Z(ed) – B & C

Derived from the Latin and Greek Prettanike or Brettania

All The Places To Put Britannia on the Map
Union Jack 1/2 Pint Mug

Rule Britannia


Bond, James Bond

Bond is Back after a 5 year intermission (I personally don’t acknowledge Quantum of Shit..pardon I mean, Solace as being a Bond film for multiple reasons I wont divulge into.
SkyFall out in October/November (depending your location) looks like a mixed bag.

And according to Bond it is, “Done”
So no going back now

Extra SkyFall Media

The Bad
M possibly is terminated. There said it.
From the promotional shots, which could all be a ruse, it comes across that a great deal of this Bond is to be set in doors or in constant shade.  Lurking behind corners, brings back memories of MI-II. Why all the inside secrecy, its James Bond for Flemmings sake!!! The Bond who jumps off mountain tops, drives and swims oceans enters a volcano, goes into outer-space and takes on dragon robots (all outside).

Ralph Fiennes portraying,…. wait for it….., one of the possible Villians. You almost wish he’d cross over to the light after playing Lord Voldemort for a decade or so. Javier Bardem is also joining in on the villainous side.

They’ve also forgotten that Bond is half Scottish and half Swiss…..not to be picky but had to be noted.

The Hopeful
What we need is a Bond, relaxed who appears to be deceptively off his guard, while ending up on top. Having fun with the job. We need Q back, so he can utter those infamous words, “grow up 007”

Celebrating Bonds 50th with


Cara Delevingne

Britain’s Current “It” Girl

Why Britain is Ruling the Globe in 2012

Year 2012 Will Be As If The Empire Never Ended

Lillibet’s Diamond Jubilee Year!

More Information Here

Bonds Back

Sources tell of the possible return of the Aston Martin DB5!!!
 Out November 9th 2012

Land Rover Defender
First known as the Land Rover Ninety/One Ten
The classic which can be seen as Britains Heathcliff of motor cars to the (Aston M’s) Bond
Freelander for the Future
Because You’re Free, To Do What You Want To Do



Starring: Clemence Poesy

Eddie Redmayne
Watch First Episode Here
and Second Episode Here


Welcome  Girls and Boys
2012 BC Has Arrived
(BC = Benedict Cumberbutch)
A Scandal in Belgravia
Episode 1

The Hound of Baskerville
Episode 2

The Reinbach Fall

(Downstairs Abbey won how many Golden Globes AGAIN.)

Hello New Year (2012): The E’s – Exciting Entertainment!

Take in some Entertainment This Holiday Season

I Spy With My Little Eye
Something beginning with E!

(and some Espionage)

Treat yourself and your mates to a night out at the Cinema

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Another Earth


[Just some friendly advice: I’d skip the option to see Tom Cruise shimmy up the Burj Khalifa, or Robert Downey Jr. ponce about London as Iron Man in drag.]

Would Rather Snuggle Up at Home?

Drama at Downton Abbey

Watch Behind the Scenes Here
Remeber: December 25th:  Downton Abbey Xmas Special!
  Below a brilliant BBC gag on D-Abbey for Red Nose Day.
(Note ITV produces Downton Abbey)
Bang on the Nose in my books!


Relive Christmas at the Vicarage in Dibley.
Who can resist the 2004 Christmas Special?

Look Forward To