No Nostalgia Allowed BBC, You’re Public Property.

Have we truly become a vexatious society that when the BBC, which has served not just the British Isles but around the world, wants to take 1 hour to say goodbye to the home its lived at since 1964, we all take up arms in annoyance that they dare waste precious airtime?


Yes, the BBC hasn’t quite been quite the innocent party; what with the salacious Johnny Saville scandal (which included the sacking of Frank Bough, formerly news of the world deputy editor), the suicide of Dr. David Kelly after being named a BBC source for “sexing up” government files on weapons of mass destruction, security correspondent Frank Garders inability to report accurately what the Queen said, Jeremy Clarkson (not enough space to cover all his verbal carnage), and BBC director generals resigning all over the place.  To sum up: men behaving badly.

This isn’t an excuse for the BBC’s mishaps but, a play at devils advocate. The present at times makes us forget what the past produced (no pun intended) whether it was drama, comedy, knowledge, news. The BBC has given us, the public, entertainment. How would we react if Pinewood had to pack up and leave? Most of us have never been to Pinewood, nor hold any attachment to the place except through the films that it has made, but I am sure none of us would mind a 1 hour documentary about the studio and it’s history.

The BBC isn’t closing up shop; its on the move but leaving a place that’s been it’s home for almost 40 years creates nostaligia. Actors, directors, producers, writers and all those employed past and present all share in the twinge of sadness and uncertainty of what happens next, and where will it happen?

If they were the ones who gave us the Kardashians, and all the reality rubbish out there, I’d be all for letting them have it. But they have spared us. So, let us retract our claws and sheath our vocal firearms, and allow the BBC to look back at it’s last 40 years.

Here are some of my BBC favourites

Pride and Prejudice

Are You Being Served?

Men Behaving Badly,


To the Manor Born

Tinker Tailor

David Attenborough



Sherlock (new and old)

Forsyte Saga

Documentary’s (too many to name them all)


To The Manor Born


Created by Peter Spence
Penelope Keith as Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and Peter Bowles as Richard DeVere.

After her husband dies, aristocrat Audrey (sic) fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell her families estate, Grantleigh, her family’s residence for the past 400 years, to a nouveau-riche grocer, Richard Devere. Moving merely down the drive, so as to keep a close eye on her estate, Audrey has to readjust to simpler life and smaller abode. Whilst steadfastly maintaining Noblsee Obligue, retaining her butler and her Rolls Royce, Audrey muddles her way through learning to pay bills, grocery shop and finding a vocation. She apprehends the role as DeVere’s instructor on how to assimilate being Lord of the manor and all the responsibilities that comes with the estate.


Fun Fact:
The title is a deliberate pun on the phrase “to the manner born,” from Shakespeare‘s Hamlet  – “Though I am a native here and to the manner born, it is a custom more honoured in the breach than the observance.”


To Watch a Few Episodes Click Here
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Absolutely Fabulous Splashes onto the Big Screen

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 11.53.12

How Fabulous Darling, its Absolutely Official:
Edina and Patsy are back, and BIGGER THAN EVER!
(which is huge considering Patsy’s non-existent eating habit)

Oh how I have missed Pats viciously sharp tongue that slices like a drunk Samuri,  Edina’s prodigious penchant for Lacroix clothing (that I am positive can induce seizures). And last but not least, proving just how paramount PR is to the survival of the human race.

I can’t wait for their wheels to start burning up again,
go rolling down the road,
and explode onto the big screen

Cheers, Sweetie

Best of British TV: Restless

Charlotte Rampling
(Mum, ex Russian, ex British Spy)

Michelle Dockery
(daughter of ex British spy)
Hayley Atwell
(young C. Rampling, current British spy)
Rufus Sewell
(in the Spy service, etc..)
Michael Gambon
(young R. Sewell, etc.)vlcsnap-2012-12-30-19h37m59s240

YOU MUST WATCH (or else)


Rawthar Smashing Telly: Why Luther Is The Best Thing Out There

For those without access to the BBC, you have been without the access to Luther. BBC America has it on the schedule to air  tonight and let me tell you, for those who haven’t had the glorious chance of already watching it – – you are in for a delectable treat.

Think of some of the greatest of British drama and intrigue: Othello, Wire in the Blood, Morse, (you get the picture) combined with cable genius series Dexter, plus any other psychological thriller and viola: Luther.

Luther (played by, Idris Elba ) is a copper who doesn’t exactly fit the bill for being easy-going and one you can stay off your heels for long with. He is separated from his wife, he tends to brood quite close to the end of buildings and has a rather interesting relationship with one of his suspects. I’m being vague for your sake. You spend half your time wanting to shake and yell into the TV to provide Luther with an alibi for the events of hours past. The acting is what makes the story line so utterly amazing. Idris Elba combined with the talented Ruth Wilson (who is superbly devious) that suspect –  I spoke of earlier- are together as thick as thieves.

Right well I should stop, for fear that I start gushing anymore than I have already — for to really and truly experience Luther you should not look for spoilers and even try avoiding any morsels that BBC America should throw your way to keep you from going utterly nutty until the next episode.

Trust me it will be so worth it. In fact I’m jealous of the journey you are about to partake in. Guess I’ll have to just crack open that Luther DVD case.

Let the games begin.

Luther airs on BBC  America, 10pm EST/PST