As Time Zooms By: Aston Martin

1915-aston-martin-coal-scuttle_100389581_mIts been 100 years since Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford came together to create one of the worlds most iconic automobile. The name Aston Martin came later with the joining of Mr. Martin’s name with the Aston Clinton Hillclimb where Bamford had many a victory. While the Aston Martin we know today isn’t a “10 cent” vehicle, it is interesting that the Aston Clinton Hill Climb was essentially drag racing up hill – think Fast and the Furious located amidst the refined Buckinghamshire countryside.


Racing up hill seemed to act as a metaphor for the vehicle as, Martin and Bamford’s “special” car took the high road, and drove its way into our books, screens and into the record books, as James Bond’s other half for half a century.

The Aston Martin DB5 is akin to the brilliant grey steed, Silver, was to the Lone Ranger: his trusted companion. Both modes of transport were quite similar in a manner of speaking: an ejector seat and were apparently bullet proof,  and most importantly they kept their driver safe to fight another day.

aston-martin-db5-1963-james-bond-car1Although the DB5 has not been the sole mode of transport for Bond, there has been the Vantage, Vanquish and the DBS V12, the latter of which seemed to take a great beating in both Casino Royale and Quantom of Solace, non is as iconic as the 1963 DB5 (which has appeared in 7 Bond films spanning from 1964-2013).

I will admit that while watching  SkyFall in the cinema I made a rather loud uncharacteristic yelp followed by an expletive, when the DB5 was blown up.  Thankfully I was in Los Angeles and such external outbursts are common during a film.


The Aston Martin’s Bond association isn’t the only fetching attraction; what’s under its bonnet is just as captivating.

I drove my first Aston Martin a year ago , and will gladly admit that my love of Bond (spanning now two decades) more than shifted my desire to grab onto one of their leather steering wheels. It was however, not the sole reason of choosing it over the other cars at my disposal: an Audi R8, Maclaren , Bugotti , Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari, Porshe 911 (you get the picture).  The experience was amazing, and the feeling while going 130km around a race track in a DBS V12 shall remain with me forever.

Part of me has wanted to drive this car because its part of my my heritage and that of the Aston Martin. It isn’t the fastest car our there, Jeremy Clarkson’s wet dream, nor Its not the top luxury or  an exclusive  vehicle unlike the Koenigsegg, and Spada’s of today. But its British and that’s what I am most proud of.

Here’s to a zippy 100 years, Aston Martin, and looking forward to what future you have to offer us.

Did You Know?

The original DB Mark III that appeared in Ian Flemming’s Goldfinger, later to be replaced by the notorious DB5 in Broccolli’s 1964 the film adaptationimages

Aston Martin Through the Ages


Holiday Happiness: The D’s – Digitize Your Decks of Holly

Besides the newest iPhone there are other ways to get digital for the holidays cheer!

Going Away for the Holidays?
Whether You’re Trolling the Oceans or the Safari
Here Are Some Must Items To Accompany You

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more to come…

Go around the Herimitage, National Gallery and Versailles all in one afternoon!

If you dont live nearby or work keeps you from being able to take your lunch break as an excuse to mosey around the Tate, MoMA or the Tretyakov, Google has arrived at a temporary solution: Art Project.
The project allows people around the world to visit museums and galleries merely at the cost of quick trip around the mouse pad (or track). Museums one can browse through:

The National Gallery
The State Hermitage Museum
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Tate Gallery
Palace at Versailles
Museo Reina Sofia
Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian
Alte Nationalgalerie

It is even possible to zoom into various works of art at a considerable distance, so you needn’t worry about setting off any alarms or run the risk of being carted off to a Russian prison because you wandered a little too close to a piece of work.
Well im off, going to get lost in the Met. for a few minutes or so!
The State Tretyakov Gallery
National Gallery

Why Churchill Would Have Gone Blackberry

Blackberry has unveiled its Playbook – (as in come on apple lets play ball). Its got Flash, its got the ability to do two things at once, basically everything that Apple forgot while they hastily tried to one up everyone; rather than thinking about what the consumer would need (im not going to say Flash one more time). And you can even say “cheese” with it.

The New Playbook
Review 1 Review 2

Some Personal Favourite Quotes By Sir Winston Churchill

oh heres another one but not from Churchill, but same idea:

“The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.”

-Henrik Ibsen

I Love Myself…Err I mean, I Love My Scarf/J’Mon Carre

Now I just want to state very clearly that I LOVE HERMES – I worship the ground the Hermes horse trots on. This is not a brand, nor product, but a lifestyle, that in my eyes could do no wrong. However, not even the Gods were perfect. Recently I came across a new endevour that Hermes has embarked upon and I found myself almost tottering dangerous out of my chair. When I came to and readjusted myself I thought fervently that I had landed on yet another “street tottering photography fashion site”. But to my dissapointment I find that I am indeed in Hermes and, what I have in front of me is a travisty.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.51.48

Their new project, “J’mon carre” is a website focusing on a few girls who simply have a bunch of scarves and who know how to look shocked for a polaroid, blow a kiss to the lens, and give a “dont I know that I am smashing” to the Nikon. The scarves and bags are merely a backdrop and real reason behind this project utterly lost down the rabbit hole.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.52.04

Hermes had given in to the now sundry – teetering on annoying “look at me blogs”. Those blogs where people take endless pictures of themselves in clothes and post them on the internet. Not that I dont mind seeing what is really out there and not just in the magazines when it comes to fashion –its the endless want of “look at me” that I find tiresome.
Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.52.20

The reason I appreciate Hermes is because amoungst all the glitz and glamour they  remain un-flashly and sophisticated. They allow their customers, admirers, collectors to feel special and unique and that each of their products is as well.  Within this project (or whatever you can call this ) their products say nothing — rather they are being smothered and left to be part of a cheap shot.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 14.52.49

I Love My Scarf/J’mon Carre:

Let me know do you love it? Or hate it? Is it worth the trouble?

I’m a Blackberry

I love my Blackberry, I love all the Blackberry’s I’ve had. Starting with my beloved 8700 which I still have, because its my favourite of all the Blackberry’s. And apparently, I’m not the only 2o something year old who also enjoys her Blackberry, according to Mike Lazaridis, founder and co-chief executive of RIM, says the phone has developed a cult following in classrooms across the world thanks to its free instant messaging service [1]. The quote taken from an article in the Telegraph today, explains the younger following of what was once a suit wearing, I use a briefcase, and work on wall street gadget.

Blackberry = Love. Blackberry = being bold. Blackberry = going on a journey and loving it. I see the blackberry as being more conducive to a students life, merely because of its lack of applications which cause one to procrastinate and turn ones back to the real world. I walk around campus and notice people, alone or in groups with their i-phones, headphones on, playing games, watching movies, and not engaging in the world around them.

For those who think the Blackberry is going to be shoved aside by the iPad, iPhone etc. Heres an update:

The New York Times Skimmer presented by Blackberry Kindle for Blackberry

Finally, if you find yourself in between a rock and a hard place. Then get a Blackberry.    “BlackBerrys are the only devices to work during moments of crisis.”

Link to the Telegraph Article.

“I Hate My iPhone”

The Wonderful World of Hermes

If there is any site in the world which makes me go all squidgy inside, makes my knees go wonky or makes me squeal like a little girl its the sight of that orange box with that brown ribbon tied around it. But what makes me go absolutely barmy is when Im up to my elbows in their silk scarves, or loading up my wrists with their bracelets – all which are chosen with careful precision.

The newest form of excitement by Hermes is their interactive playground, an attachment of the main website . No longer do I just spend my time browsing their newest surprises, no rather drool over the newest surprises, but now I can whittle away the hours discovering the world of Hermes, and how the orange and brown I love so much has come to be.

There are games to be played, such as a memory game using Hermes playing cards, a puzzle using Hermes notebooks,  and a faced paced activity which tests your reflex skills (and which definitely got my heart rate going) featuring their classic equestrian bag which you use to catch the falling riding gear.

There are 30 H. Stories which provide you with a fun and intriguing look into Hermes’ history. Accompanied by wonderful little drawings drawn by various different artists. The stories explain how the orange box came to be- why the colour orange was used starting in the late 30’s.

There are just so many different avenues one can explore within this interactive world. Want to see different ways to tie your scarf, or have a fun way to share with others? Hermes has an answer for that. A place one can submit a self portrait to demonstrate their respective technique.

A word of caution though: be prepared to set aside a few hours (or days) when partaking in their adventures!

Appréciez !