The Tatler List, or Why Not To Take Drugs and Write At The Same Time

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Titler, I mean, Tatler, published their “It List – The People Who Really Matter”, and I fear that someone(s) need a good hose down with ice cold water to bring them back to reality. Now Tatler is not the Economist or Foreign Affairs, and good thing to, for there there would be no fun involved when flipping through its glossy pages. With its juicy,sometimes, educational articles and the Bystander, one isn’t miffed that the latest news on North Korea’s nuclear progress has been omitted. However, it does have an obligation to its readers to have its stilettos somewhere on the ground, otherwise, we can all go read the Sun (I’d rather walk around London naked than read the latter).

Not to make too much of a meal with this so called “It List” just a handful points that need addressing:

1. Having the Queen numbered at #17
2. Having the Queen below Romeo & Victoria Beckham, Zac Goldsmith, The Delevinge’s, Cary Mulligan and husband – just to name 7 out of the 16.
3. Why is Romeo Beckham #1, when there is a spot at #568?
4. Where in the top 100 are the athletes that won Britain our biggest Olympic gold rush to date?  ( Zara Phillips, silver medalist, #184?)
5. Hasn’t Prince Harry been serving in Afghanistan – why is he at 54? Was his ex-girlfriend (Chelsy Davy #4?!?!) and supposed current (Cressida Bonas #27) partaking in enterprises with greater significance?

I do realise that this is tongue-in-check business but, after such a stunning 2012, where it seemed that the UK grew so much as a nation that Tatler could progress a bit, and take itself in this respect seriously. Creating the list should require more than just browsing through celebrity gossip website and publications, unless the magazine is searching for new readership. Expanding one’s niche to the demographic of those who enjoy the Daily Mail and Sun could end up with no parties to go to.

Tatler, you must be having the one, and only laugh – noone else is.


Best of Britain A-Z(ed): A


There’s more to the ‘Queen of Mystery’ than her little Belgium detective and spinster sleuth.

Add her other works such as Towards Zero, And Then There Were None and They Came to Baghdad to your library ASAP!

More Agatha Christie: Here

Alexander McQueen
(coming soon)

Anya Hindmarch
Also known as being ‘Not A Plastic Bag’, (just joking) – but, we all remember 2007 as the year we walked around with our shopping causing all those plastic users to go underground and shrink into the shadows. Opening her bags in 1991, AH now has a brimming collection for every occasion: a night on the town, a night in with the girls, a night with the baby, in town or out in the country, or out of the country – there is a bag. A.H. has also launched a Bespoke line that one can safely say has the potential (if hasn’t already started to) to ruffle a few pages over at Smythson!
*And on a marketing note, I quite enjoyed the ‘I Spy’/Jubilee theme for her Spring/Summer campaign!

This season ‘The Bruton’appears to be the ‘must have’ but, I’d stay away from white this coming summer (esp. if you are attending our forthcoming Games – you’re sure to end up with a brown or black bag come autumn. The Nevis
The Mini Gracie
The Two-Way Journal (love the silver pen!)

Bling, that comes in all shapes and sizes you most definitely want to get your hands on. Always can be relied on and always classy (even in those not to classy situations)

Not the first stop for items not of the outdoor variety i.e. the mackintosh however, they are gradually beginning to show a bit more leg, and leave the Baby Boomer kit to oneside. Worth consideration, but proceed with caution.
A nice outfit but loose the bag and the shoes.

Perhaps they should chose a model that
can at least pretend she feels comfortable
in front of the camera.

For The Library: Young Entry

A delicious, light hearted read that allows you to enter the Irish world of hunting, heiresses, best friends and the men who come between them.

“Nineteen year old Prudence is being raised by her three very conservative guardians.  Something of an heiress she’ll soon come into her money, but she’s kept in check until then.  Or at least her guardians try to keep her in check.  Prudence is a far more carefree spirit and spends time with her best girl friend, Peter, having little adventures and just being young and lively and generally getting into little mishaps.  Trouble pops up in the form of one Major Anthony Countless from England, who becomes the new Master of Hounds.  While Prudence is very lovely and social, she’s the type of woman who isn’t aware of her beauty or its effect on young men.  Moreover she’s more interested in her dogs and horses than in said young men.  Peter, however, welcomes Tony’s overtures, so you can imagine where all this will lead and how it might come between the two friends.”[A Work in Progress]

A sporting read which you can find at Amazon for a insanely low sum!

Hello New Year (2012): The G’s- Gear Up for the New Year

The Olympics
Yes, its all a bit naff but, then again, all for Queen and Country…

For those who take the more subtle approcah to cheering for ones side

Folding Sit Mat

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June 25th

July 10th

July 6th

March 1st

For The Library: Cecil Beaton

Born in 1904 and living until 1980, Beaton was a famous British photographer, artist, writer, stage and screen designer, and high-society figure who epitomized style and didn’t avoid naming it when he saw it or screaming when he didn’t.

The first volume of his published diaries, The Unexpurgated Beaton [BKL O 15 03], covered the last two decades of his life.

Beaton in the Sixities, gives one a chance to see what he had to say about the people occupying his life in the last half of the swinging sixties. Gossip is flung, but, as in the first volume, that’s the fun of it. Beaton was humorous (in conversation with Chanel, “She did not really show much sign of judging whether I was present or not”), and he was also incisive about character (on Garbo, “One sees that those endless days and evenings doing nothing have resulted in negation”). Juiciness aside, the volumes will come to be considered an important social document of British life in the twentieth century.

In the course of his decades-long career as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as a British war correspondent, Beaton helped invent the cult of the celebrity image. In these pages, reproduced here for the first time, you enter a fabulous and surreal party where Tallulah Bankhead rubs shoulders with a bust of Voltaire and a portrait of Stravinsky, and where Beaton’s first trip on the Queen Mary coincides with Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

gather up your copies at: amazon