The Shooting Season – The Birds and The Guns

Up go the Birds, Bang go the Guns, Down Goes the Gin!
Whether you are a curious neophyte after having seen the stuff while watching Brideshead, or one of Julian Fellowes’ productions, a groupie i.e financially bribed by your father/boyfriend/husband to spend the day huddled in tweed, wax, and fur trying desperately to keep ones dogs from stealing other peoples birds or sneaking the double shot of Sloe before the next drive, or one of the guns (you had a gun in your fist while all the other children had rattles, and have been giving the boys a headache ever since) – have no fear – theres something for all!

Part 1: Ultimate Guide to Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge Shooting
Part 2: The Kit
Part 3: Frills and Trimmings

Taking the Plunge?

Step 1: Start Your Engines
(Sync your Smython Diary, and those other electronic devices)

Step 2: Know Ones Adversary
(The Birds You’re About to Mow Down
Know Where To Look


Red Grouse shooting (August 12 – December 10)
Black Grouse Shooting (August 20 – December 10)

Fast, as in 110mph, fast so not for the beginner but fantastic to watch.
Can be equated to an RPG missile with feathers.
Recommendations: LOTS OF CLAY PIGEON PRACTICE i.e. have one installed on your premises (both town and country)

Partridge Shooting Season
(September 1- February 1)
Pheasant Shooting Season
(October 1 -February 1)

Step 3: The Guns

Holland and Holland

Side by Side
.12, .16, .20 Bore



Double Rifle (Double Trigger)

4. Ammo
The Cartridges (not Bullets)

Now That You’ve Got Your Birds, Guns and Cartridges in Order
Go Out There And Give The Boys a Shot for their Money!

Oh and don’t forget your four-legged friend!

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