Words of Wisdom: Tabla Rasa

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Resolution for Every Day, Month or Year:
Never Stop Searching  for Your-Self

1. What sets your heart ablaze; what does Happiness means to you. If you feel that you need more in your life, go and find it.
2. How to discover and cement yourself against those who seek to change you.
3. Don’t become a Brand, become You. Wear what you wish, listen to you what takes your fancy and find creativity wherever you please.
4. Don’t be an outcast, but beware the mob – learn to acclimate to others and show that despite differences you can contribute, learn from others as much as you learn from yourself.
5. KNOW: we are all a Tabla Rasa. And we can start over whenever we chose.

From the words of
Ms. Amy MacDonald
It’s about what’s inside
What happened to believing in yourself?
Why listen to the musings of someone?
You’ll never know who you’ll meet on your way to the top
What happened to achieving?
Don’t let anyone tell you its over