For the Diary: Grace Kelly Coming Back to Her Roots

From Philadelphia to Monaco
An exclusive Grace Kelly exhibition is to open at the Michener Art Gallery in Doylestown, PA

The exhibition is set to encapsulate the woman who went from being a member of Philadelphia’s high society, to an Oscar winning actress and finally a Princess.

Grace Kelly

The exhibition which opens October 28th is set to “… bring [you] up close to the stage and screen legend, fashion icon, princess, United Nations advocate for children, and international spokesperson for arts and culture.” One will be able to see “letters, photographs, awards, couture fashion and other personal artifacts, as well as film clips, playbills, home movies and souvenirs from her acting career.”

The exhibition is based on the display at The Victoria and Albert Museum which ended earlier this year.

The exhibition at the Michener Museum opens October 28th and ends January 26th, 2014

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Hello New Year (2012): The G’s- Gear Up for the New Year

The Olympics
Yes, its all a bit naff but, then again, all for Queen and Country…

For those who take the more subtle approcah to cheering for ones side

Folding Sit Mat

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June 25th

July 10th

July 6th

March 1st

Women Then and Women Now: How Much Have We Changed? Or Have We At All?

Jerry Schatzberg’s “Women Then: 1954-1969” a compilation of photos taken in the 1950’s and 60’s – you know the suspects: Deneuve, Nico, Dunaway, Sedgewick, and Tate. Those same images are with us today – Mad Men’s leading ladies hold the gauntet for making sure it stays that way for now. The book is a mix of rarely seen black & white portrait and fashion themed photos taken in New York City. “A New York City native, Schatzberg […] with a keen eye for the magic of the in-between moment, […] stealthily captured the elegance and beauty of a woman as her role was redefined in the sixties, while at the same time retaining an element of humor and surprise.”[1]

Have women changed? I think our emotions have. Our emotions – humour, sadness.. have turned into smiley faces on instant message, and abbreviated SMS text. Now to feel emotion film has to up its game to 3D no matter what the content is – superficially, it resonates for that 2hrs.
The ability to understand emotion both vocal and non-vocal is half of what made these women such iconic forces. The other 1/4 was their amazing fashion sense, and rest is up to the eye of the beholder. Simplicity then meant something different then; whereas today it coincides with how small can my electronics go.

Grace Kelly circa 1960

Even Grace let her hair down on occasion
(usually in a Hitchcock where albeit there’s never much wiggle room not to)

Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn letting loose on the ‘African Queen’

Ingrid Bergman

Everyone has their dramatic moments – but have are we too numb now as a society?

Mad Men’s Betty Draper (January Jones)

having a Scarlett O’Hara moment ala Vivan Leigh

[1] Amazon Review

CAT – To Catch a Thief

I’m not sure if Hitchcock had Cary Grant’s “The CAT” share the same monogram as Catch A Thief but, if so how very Hitchcock of him. The film (one of my top 5) was based on David Dodge’s, To Catch a Thief (yes, there being a book came as a surprise to me too). The book like its subject matter comes at a price: as I did some of my own sleuthing, I discovered that one 1st Edition copy is on the market for $2750.00.  For that price I expect the necklace on the front cover to be more than just an illustration. Most are usually in the triple-quadruple digits so I thinkI’ll stick to watching Cary G and Grace K for now. Well at least until I can climb drain pipes and pull Artful Dodgers – this coming from someone who barely can get away with a white lie.

For those of you interested in shelling out the equivelent of  a minor shopping outing at Hermes here are some helpful WWW’s:
Royal Books

Fantastic Fiction

Blondes Do It Better

Here are some Blondes who just seem to do IT better, whatever IT might be – fashion, je ne se quois, etc

Grace Kelly- Her Royal Highness of the Blondes

Sienna Miller – Go Ahead have a drink (or two) in the tub!

Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy

Clemence Poesy

In Russia In Love

Martina Klein

James Dean – The Blonde all the girls wanted

Steve McQueenThe King of the Blondes

Linda Evangelista et moi